Mobile or Central Processing Units


MOB-PRO (Mobile Processing Unit)

CougarJack has designed and built a mobile processing unit to process (de-weight or strip)  surface fluids to allow for re-use.

The MOB-PRO is a completely stand-alone, moblie, cost effective de-watering system.

What is supplied

– 2 trucks, 2 trailers and 2 technicians for 12 hr operation (4 technicians for 24hrs)

– Multiple polymer fluid stripping or simple de-weighting of fluids

– Independent dump truck offers flexibility to solids handling & delivery self sufficient for Power, Heat & Lighting.

– Heavy duty pick up trucks reduce impact on roads.

– Mobil hydraulic centrifuge stand (no picker required).

– Works with remote fluid storage tanks (CJ Services tanks) or other large volume tanks.

– Includes mobile repair and tool shop with sheltered works.

The Mob-Pro has been winter proven, heated polymer injection trailer with limited exposed components is Ideal for delineation or other multiple, smaller rig operations.  This system has substantial cost saving when compared to a central process site and offers many environmental advantages.

Furthermore, the Hotstir can compliment the Mob-Pro system during the winter months as a further cost-saving, environmental advantage.

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Processing Trailer

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