Hot Stir

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Here is our HotStir System.  The picture above is the Hot Stir stand and on the right of the stand is attached our boiler-less heating system.

CougarJack Services invented, designed, patented  and produces the HotStir.  This system allows your company to heat and agitate fluids without having to use conventionally expensive boiler systems.

The benefits are numerous as it allows customers to agitate and heat fluids constantly, allowing for complete mixing.

Our system allows operators to re-use drill fluids up to 3 to 4 times depending on the quality of the fluids delivered.

This reduces water consumption, need for dilution and trucking costs.

When -10 degrees or warmer, our heaters can shutdown (modulation) and agitation is all that is required and only minimal power is used.  This lowers fuel consumption on warmer days.




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