CougarJack Fluid Handling Solutions


CougarJack Services is a multi faceted, adaptive fluid handling company that has designed and patented multiple types of  equipment to recycle & reduce water consumption, minimize your cost, and maximize your industry fluids.

Our fluid tanks and HotStir systems allow for drilling fluids to be heated and agitated, minimizing personnel on site and transportation costs. Our HotCirc systems allow the same advantages only in a 400 bbl tank configuration.


Reducing the reliance on a boiler system through patented electrical systems and bringing our dynamic filtering system to your site.  This recycles more fluids on site to reduce trucking, transportation costs, and costly road maintenance.


Our Goals are simple,

  1.  Work Safely
  2.  Be Environmentally Responsible
  3.  Economical for you and us.
  4.  Customization of equipment, fit for purpose.
  5.  Use of Smart Technology

CougarJack Services Inc. looks forward to hearing about you and your fluid challenges!


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